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Academic Affairs collection, 1987-2008

Identifier: MSS-BU-7-2014
Scope and Contents The Academic Affairs Committee series primarily contains meeting minutes and agendas from the group during the 1990s and the early 2000s. The Alumni Survey provides information such as recent graduate employment and continued education statistics. The folder also has comparative statistics with other schools. The BLink folder contains a promotional flyer for the My Bethel Link web hub. The Court of Honor was a banquet to honor graduates of local private...
Dates: 1987 - 2008

Addison Street Baptist Church of Chicago collection, 1866-1986

Identifier: MSS-Chu-IL-1
Scope and Contents This collection spans from the church's founding in 1866 to its 120th Anniversary in 1986. The General folder contains various materials, such as anniversary bulletins, correspondence, and written histories.The Församlingen och Hemmet series holds the serial publication by the same name. It's name changed to its English equivalent Church and Home in 1938.The Bulletins series spans the dates 1938 to 1946 and are...
Dates: 1866 - 1986

Andrew Liliemark papers, 1912-1987

Identifier: MSS-Bio-SC-1-2022
Scope and Contents

This collection contains material kept and created by Andrew Liliemark, including a musical textbook from his time as a student at Bethel. There is also a binder of 28 original unpublished compositions of hymns by Liliemark during his time as a Baptist minister. These are in English and Swedish. Intermingled with the music is a Swedish poem by Liliemark published in a newspaper in 1979.

Dates: 1912-01-01 - 1987-04

August Lindstedt papers, 1910-1948

Identifier: MSS-Miss-3
Scope and Contents This collection contains information from August Lindstedt, his family, and fellow missionaries throughout his life. The majority of these materials come from either Russia or China, with some materials originating from Sweden or the United States. Most materials fall between the years of 1910 and 1948. The V.M. Leontieff series contains a folder of letters, mostly in English and regarding finances from the 1930s. The reports are mostly in Russian and span mostly from 1927 to...
Dates: 1910 - 1948

Bethel Conference and Event Services collection, 1993-2021

Identifier: MSS-BU-20-2023
Scope and Contents The materials in this collection range primarily from 1993 to 2021 feature events put on by Bethel's Conference and Event Services department. The Community Life Center files deal with the building of Bethel Great Hall from 1993 to 1995.The 125th Anniversary file holds materials planning the celebration of Bethel's anniversary in 1996. The King and Queen Visit file is in its original folder, which has writing on it, and contains documenation of the Swedish...
Dates: 1993 - 2021

Bethel Cornerstone Box collection, 1914

Identifier: MSS-BU-12
Scope and Contents This collection spans two boxes, one an archival box and the other the original metal box from the time capusle behind the cornerstone. The items of this collection were placed in the time capsule in 1914, selected as important reflections of the history of the Bethel and the Swedish Baptists in America. These include newspapers, church bulletins, written histories, yearbooks, and a Swedish Bible. Box 2, the original cornerstone box, contains items that showed signes of mold...
Dates: 1914-07-19

Bethel ethnographic research collection, 1991-1993

Identifier: MSS-BU-15-2022
Scope and Contents

Most material falls between the years 1991 and 1993. The collection spans twenty folders dealing with the research done on Bethel ethnography, particularly amongst students. The collection includes planning documentation, correspondence, original research, the interview question templates, and the reports created from the team's research.

Dates: 1991 - 1993

Bethel Green Council collection, 2000-2013

Identifier: MSS-BU-22
Scope and Contents The Grant Application folder for the Green Council dates to 2001 and 2002. It contains grant information from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Bethel applied for the Conservation Partners Grant Program to remove invasive buckthorn.The Russelll Johnson Nature Trail folder contains flyers and maps from the trail, as well as an invitation letter for the dedication of the trail in 2003.The Council binder dating from 2001 to May 2005 contains a few newspaper...
Dates: 2000 - 2013

Bethel Honors Program collection, 1993-2010

Identifier: MSS-BU-23
Scope and Contents The Bethel Honors Program collection dates mostly between 1993 and 2010, with one document from the late 1970s. The collection fills two boxes.The Development folder holds documentation from the development of the Honors Program, the senior projects, and procedural documents. The Honors Committee Agenda and Minutes and Directors Reports folder date between 1994 and 2005. The H-Tagged Courses refers to the classes tagged as Honors in the curriculum. The Evaluations folder, parts...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1993 - 2010

Bethel University President's Office collection, 1956-2008

Identifier: MSS-BU-6-2013
Scope and Contents The collection spans the work of two Bethel presidential administrations, Carl H. Lundquist and George K. Brushaber. The President's Administrative Advisory Council series covers the 1980s and 1990s. Many of the documents are meeting agendas, meeting minutes, memoranda to Bethel personnel, budget considerations, and policy drafts.The Building Projects series covers four buildings on the Arden Hills campus and spans the 1980s and the 2000s. The Sports and Recreation...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1956 - 2008

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Hanson, Roger M. 2
Hedberg, Carl Perry, 1897-1985 2
Lidbom, Harold (1982) 2
Lind, Olof Milton, Rev., 1896-1946 2
Okerson, Olaus, Rev., 1836-1901 2
Olson, Adolf, Rev., 1886-1955 2
Olson, Gordon Lowell, Rev., 1932-2023 2
Ongman, John, Rev., 1845-1931 2
Rendahl, John Stanley 2
Silene, Christopher, 1850-1919 2
Sundberg, Gordon E., Rev., 1925-2008 2
Turnwall, William Richard, 1923-2008 2
Ahlstrom, Louis John, Rev., 1854-1945 1
Allen, Ross 1
Anderson, Bert C., Rev. (1923-2011) 1
Anderson, C. Bruce, Rev. 1
Anderson, Clarence D., Rev., 1925- 1
Anderson, Donald E., 1927- 1
Anderson, Gordon H., Rev., 1914-1995 1
Ankerberg, Burton E., Rev., 1920-1991 1
Ankerberg, William Carl, Rev., 1950- 1
Backlund, Jonas Oscar, 1875-1955 1
Benander, Carl Erik, 1861-1956 1
Berglund, Edgar E., Rev., 1918-2010 1
Betz, Leighton A., Rev., 1937-1998 1
Bjelland, Constance, 1922-2005 1
Bjelland, Irwin, 1920-1992 1
Bjork, Dale Winton, 1921-1984 1
Bjork-Olson, Alma Ilbings, 1923-2023 1
Blomgren, Andrew, Rev., 1854-1913 1
Bodien, Olof, Rev., 1857-1912 1
Bowman, Robert D., Rev., 1940-2021 1
Boyd, Gregory, 1957- 1
Bronleewe, Rudolph P., Rev., 1898-1981 1
Brushaber, George K., President, 1938-2021 1
Burch, Orville Myrland, Rev., 1912-1960 1
Carlson, G. William 1
Charles, Paul Henry, Rev., 1956- 1
Chesbro, Elizabeth Lorenz (1928) 1
Chesbro, Wilbert John (1920-2022) 1
Clark, James L., 1943- 1
Copeland, Dorette (1925) 1
Copeland, Norman, Dr. (1919-1999) 1
Cragg, Carole 1
Cragg, Kevin 1
Dahlberg, Woody 1
Dahlquist, Douglas A., Rev. (1932-2019) 1
Dalton, Roy, 1924-2010 1
Dickau, John, Rev. 1
Duncklee, Delbert Irmal, Rev., 1917-1989 1
Edstam, Arvid, Rev., 1872-1944 1
Edwall, Nathanael Carl, Rev., 1887- 1
Edwards, Laura Selander, Dr. (1922-2000) 1
Edwards, Paul, Rev. (1921-1982) 1
Ek, Nils, Rev., 1851-1919 1
Eklof, Ellis E., Jr., Rev., 1922-2006 1
Ekstrom, Peter Olsson (1870-1937) 1
Engstrand, Olaf J., Rev., 1857-1927 1
Engstrom, Morris W., 1922-2003 1
Erickson, Johan Alfred, Rev., 1875-1938 1
Ericson, Carl George, Rev., 1890-1987 1
Evans, Frank D., Rev. 1
Fernlund, Jay C., Rev. 1
First Baptist Church of Coon Rapids 1
Fleming, S. Bruce, 1916-2003 1
Ford, James, Jr., Rev. 1
Forsline, John Wesley, Rev., 1928-2006 1
Glader, Eugene, 1934-2023 1
Granholm, Carl Edwin, Rev., 1910-1974 1
Hadeen, William A., Rev. 1
Halcomb, Michael, Rev., 1941-2016 1
Halvarson, Eric, 1861-1889 1
Hamren, William P., Rev. (1935) 1
Hedeen, John, Rev., 1960-1949 1
Hjelm, Per Adolf, 1848-1913 1
Holzworth, Emory, Rev., 1933- 1
Johnson, John Gottfrid, Rev., 1895-1985 1
Johnson, Linus, Rev., 1892-1956 1
Joneson, Per (1880) 1
Karlberg, Leonard John, 1929- 1
Karo, Lindon, Rev., 1940-1973 1
Kimball, David, Rev. 1
Kistler, Robert 1
Klingberg, Haddon E., Sr., Rev., 1901-1971 1
Klingberg, Robert, Rev., 1905-1964 1
Lagergren, Carl Gustaf, 1846-1941 1
Lagergren, Selma, 1885-1975 1
Larson, Victor, Rev., 1891-1963 1
Law, Lanny L., Rev. 1
Liliemark, Andrew 1
Lindberg, Alfred E., 1869-1941 1
Lindberg, O.S., Rev., 1843-1931 1
Lindblom, Cecil Mauritz, Rev., 1921-1992 1
Lindh, Olof, Rev., 1835-1912 1
Lindstedt, August, Rev., 1887-1950 1
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